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Search For Your Favorite Song Or Artist

About - Addicted To Radio AddictedToRadio.com offers you over 50 channels of free internet radio programmed by our staff of professionals who have over 100 years of experience in the business combined.

You get music news and video each day, podcasts to listen to ON DEMAND or download for free.

You have access to millions of songs ON DEMAND as well! You can hear what you want, when you want and save it for your own playlist! Create your own channel of your favorite songs!

This is where you can come to create multiple playlists of songs you heard on our channels or other songs that come to mind

Use the SEARCH BOX and search by song or by artist.

You can listen to all songs by one artist, save any of the songs to any playlist you create here (you can create as many as you like) and whenever you want it, its always here for you.

You can share the songs, share the playlists to your Facebook or Twitter accounts as well.

You can also find all of our great radio stations when you search by RADIO STATION (in the choices provided for 'search')

You can also embed this entire system on your website!